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If you become disabled and lose your ability to work, you’ll need money to help pay for your medical care, your day-to-day expenses, and to simply give yourself a comfortable standard of living. If you can't afford to purchase a disability insurance plan, you may be eligible for Social Security disability insurance (SSDI).

Benefits under SSDI are paid monthly for the duration of your disability and may be eligible for automatic increases tied to the cost of living. Social Security may also pay disability insurance benefits for your spouse and children. These benefits tie to what you've already paid in to the Social Security Administration.

If you qualify for SSDI, you’ll also qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) if you’re aged 65 and older, blind, or disabled, and have limited income or resources.

Why Work with an Expert?

While SSDI is free, it’s also notoriously difficult to qualify for - only about one-third of applicants are approved. Most people’s claims for SSDI are rejected for various reasons: your disability was not severe enough, you can perform your usual work or another type of work, etc.

However, your initial rejection can be appealed. It can be reconsidered by another qualified person who will review all the evidence and any new evidence you submitted. You can also go to court and argue your case before an administrative law judge, bringing any witness, etc. Finally, you can ask for a review by an appeals council or file a lawsuit in federal court.

Claiming disability benefits is not easy - thus, working with an expert is a great option, even if you'll just filing the initial application. With them, you can better succeed in having your claim approved the first time around or fast track a re-application.

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